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Every one of the medical personnel that we employ here at Air Travel Management is trained in (BLS) basic life support. From the flight nurse, paramedics, to the EMS teams, basic life support administration is a part of the job description. Most basic life support procedures can be performed without the need of any specialized medical equipment.

There are many different guidelines and definitions for basic life support systems. Our highly trained and well-versed staff is trained extensively in all of them, including the latest in basic life support education.

The basic life support systems cover the following conditions and circumstances:

– Cardiac arrest
– Choking
– Drowning victims
– Circulation
– Airway
– Breathing
– Artificial respiration
– Bleeding control
– Ventilation
– Stroke
– Defibrillator
– Spine support
– Hypothermia
– Pregnancy

The safety and comfort of every patient is number 1 with us.   Basic life support services are the fundamentals of that commitment.  In addition, our medical escort services that offer flight Medical Personnel for patient travel on a commercial airlines, are backed by all the right personnel and equipment when necessary.  This includes our flexible air ambulances that can land anywhere and local or long distance ambulance services when needed.


Air travel Management  utilizes the most state-of-the-art critical care technologies and medical equipment. Our medical transportation services incorporate basic and advanced life support capabilities.

Our critical care transpiration services offer:

– Intensive monitoring
– Critical care services
– Mobile intensive care unit
– Advanced life support
– Basic life support

Every critical care transport patient has unique medical needs. 

Every critical care patient that we transport comes staffed with a Critical Care Paramedic, respiratory therapist, registered nurse and physician as needed. A