Air Travel Management and it's highly trained staff will make your Clients and Loved Ones feel comfortable one mile at a time

Air Travel Management provides the highest level of quality and compassionate care. We are available to transport domestic and international neonatal, pediatric, bariatric, ventilated, critical care and burn victim patients. Our worldwide network alliance allows us to provide services from/to virtually anywhere in the world in a timely manner.

When booking a medical flight, a professional Flight Coordinator will explain the complete process of an air transport. Our medical team will arrive at the patient’s origin and he/she will be escorted directly from bedside by our ground ambulance crew and medical staff, to the departure airport.

Our Team

Upon arrival to the twin prop or jet aircraft, the patient is loaded directly from the ground ambulance unit into the aircraft’s specially designed medical stretcher. During the air ambulance flight, the Critical Care team will attend to the patient’s every need.

Upon arrival at the destination airport, an awaiting ground ambulance crew will continue the patient’s escort, along with our medical team to the destination bedside of the receiving location.

Ground Transportation
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Acute and Specialty Care