International Admissions Requirements

  • Be at least 17 years of age

  • Complete minimum high school or equivalent

  • Have a valid international passport

  • Provide proof of financial means to fund pilot training

  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language

International Admissions Process

  • Contact Us: Using whichever contact method is most convenient, let our Admissions Team know that you are ready to receive detailed information about flight training. If you have previous flight experience, learn more about the FAA foreign pilot license verification process.

  • Complete Application: Available through our Admissions Representatives, fill out the online application to tell us more information about you and your aviation goals.

  • Submit Visa Processing Fee: Covering your Sevis I-901 government fee, I-20 processing, incoming student package, Epic Virtual Academy online access, English Assessment, and government documentation shipping costs.

  • Receive Student Packet: Accepted students will receive a package containing an official letter of acceptance into Epic Flight Academy, i20 signed by a designated school official, I-901 receipt, student checklist with enrollment procedures including TSA registration, and login information to begin the Epic Virtual Academy online preparation course

  • Schedule Visa Interview: Our Admissions Team will assist in scheduling your M-1 Student Visa interview with the U.S. Embassy nearest you. Prior to the interview, our team will go over what to expect, suggested attire, required documentation, and additional interview techniques for successful issuance of your visa.

  • Obtain Student Visa: Immediately following the interview, students are informed if they have been granted the M-1 Student Visa. Once granted, students need to submit their passport and receive their visa stamp, which typically occurs within 5-7 business days.

  • Travel to Epic! Learn to fly! You’re ready to get started on your aviation journey! Book your plane, train, or car, and make your way to Epic in New Smyrna Beach, Florida a few days before your class starts. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Relocation & Transportation Assistance

We understand that selecting and applying to a flight school, and arranging travel and housing, if necessary, can be very stressful, but our pilot training facility assists students in arranging each detail so that the transition is simple and easy. Visit Student Life for more information on our student amenities, transportation, events, and activities.

Check out the most Frequently Asked Questions for international students, or post questions and comments in our Pilot Forum. We are here to help and look forward to answering your questions. You are welcome to contact us anytime!

If you are a Foreign born, non US citizen you can Learn to Fly and become a Private Pilot. Simply follow the instructions below to apply with TSA.

You can still learn to fly in the US if you are a citizen of another country, but you must receive approval first from TSA - Transportation Security Authority.  If you want to do an Introductory Flight, you can do that without contacting TSA.  Just go to the "Contact" page and send me an email to schedule it.


You will need TSA approval for a Private Pilot license, Sport Pilot License, Instrument Rating, or Multi-engine Rating.  The process can take as little as a week, but usually no more than 2-3 weeks if you follow up with all of the instructions.


Go to AOPA's Guide to TSA's Alien Flight Training/Citizenship Validation Rule webpage  for an explanation of the process.

Or, you can go directly to the TSA website here:  Alien Flight Training Program (AFSP)       


Here is the information you will need when you fill out the TSA forms:

Category: 3

Provider:  Susan Ballew

Course Identification:  Number 101 (Private Pilot), or 102 (Instrument Pilot)

Course Name: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating

Aircraft type:  Cessna 172 or Cessna 162

Start date:  1-4 weeks after you initiate the application

​End date:  One year after your start date (you can renew at the end of a year if needed)

And that's it.  You are then ready to schedule your flying lessons and begin training.